Exclude Members

Version 1.2.4

Developed by Eyal Fitoussi

“Exclude Members” add-on let you exclude Buddypress’s members from search results. You can choose to exclude members based on their user role, exclude list of members chosen based on the member’s name or you can have the search results display only friends of the logged-in user. Once activated, the add-on will add the “Exclude Members” settings to the “Friends Locator” search forms.

Features of Exclude Members

  • Exclude members based on their user role
  • Choose the members to exclude based on their user’s name using an autocomplete field
  • Display only friends of a logged-in user



  • This plugin is causing my site to return no results if any of the levels is selected… am I doing something wrong or does this not work?

  • Me too, what’s up with this?

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