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[Resolved]City is showing twice in member's directory

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    I am using SweetDate theme and GEO my WP with Xprofile Fields add on. I have City and Country set in registration page for my users to fill in. When viewing the list of users in member’s directory, at some profiles the city shows twice ( eg. Bournemouth, Bournemouth, UK or Poole, Poole, UK ) and at some Profiles the city shows once – as it should be. Users fill the city only once, why is it showing twice at some cases? Please see picture. Thanks

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    Eyal Fitoussi

    Hi Petra,
    I am not sure what causes the issue, that is the first time I see it.

    How did you setup the Xprofile Fields settings? Single or multiple address fields?



    thanks for such a quick reply. I’ve got multiple address field in Xprofile Field settings to only show city and country due to privacy reasons. I have also tried to deactivate all plugins, but the result was the same. Any other idea?



    Hi Eyal,
    I found out last week that my site was most likely hacked so I created the site again from scratch and the problem I had is now gone.

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