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[Resolved]Geo data is not auto populating

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    Randy Kondor

    I am new to integrating Gravity Forms Geolocation Add-on, but I am not new to Gravity Forms or WordPress. I have installed the plugin, and I see the Geolocation Fields when editing my Gravity Forms. I add the Geocoder field. However, it will not auto populate with data. I have registered my Google API key. I have also inputted my Geomywp license key. I am testing over and over, but I am not making any progress. I can submit the form and the Geocoder field is returned, but all the data is NA. The form I am testing is

    Can someone give me some direction?



    Eyal Fitoussi

    Hello Randy and thank you for the purchase.

    Looking at the browser console of your site I see two errors ( see attached ) that are most likely causes the issue:

    1) ReferenceError: Can't find variable: jQuery this issue is a missing jQuery. jQuery is required is order for the plugin ( and other plugins ) to work. This error is mostly likely cause by the theme or another plugin. You will need to deactivated the different plugin and to switch to a default WordPress theme and see what causes this error.

    2) Google Maps API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError – this error indicates a problem with the Google Maps API key. You either did not set it up properly or you didn’t enter it in the API input boxes.

    Please follow this tutorial to learn how to create the proper API key, how and where to enter the site URL and how to enable the required API service.

    After you done so, you need to enter the API key in GEO my WP Settings page as well as in the Gravity Forms Settings page.

    Let me know if that helps.

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    Eyal Fitoussi

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