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[Resolved]"Geocode this Field" function in gravity form not functioning

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    Hi Eyal,

    I added this line to my theme near the top, as recommended by a co-worker with coding experience. The problem still persisted exactly the same as it did before with this edit.

    Is there a different place I should enter this code in my child theme? Do you have any other advice for ways to fix this? It may be worth a shot renewing my license and trying for that, so I wouldn’t have to continually edit my child theme as it updates over the years.



    Eyal Fitoussi

    Which line of code did you add to the functions.php file?

    And as I mentioned in my last reply, there seem to be an issue on your site which prevents the API call made by GEO my WP. I am not sure what causes this, and it will require some debugging to be done on your site to track down the issue.

    So, removing the API request made by GEO my WP using the line of code:

    and adding the API key to Gravity Forms Geolocation add-on MIGHT work. But to try that you will need to update your Gravity Forms plugin to its latest version which comes with the API key request.



    I updated my license and now am trying to update 20 or so forms I have because the update erased all of the old maps and geocoding processes I have build.

    Where do I add the Google API key now that I have the updated plugin?



    To follow up on this, now that I’ve updated the license my previous maps as well as the google maps auto complete function that placed a marker on the map no longer functions. Is this functionality completely gone? I cannot figure out where to add this functionality.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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