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    Richard Hunter

    We use the Geo My WP Gravity Form extension.
    I need the ability to draw a polygon (i.e. of a city boundary limit).
    When the user clicks submit on the Gravity Form (with Get Current location set), it would check to see if the current location is within the Geofence/polygon. If it is, it would allow the request. If it is not, a message would display to the user.
    I found which seems perfect (though the service may not be ready for production – the paid plans say Coming Soon). It lets you define a boundary on a Google Map. You can then use a REST API Get to call with some parameters (i.e. current lat/long coordinates of the user). It returns a JSON True if the coordinates are within the boundary and False if it is outside the boundary.
    Do you have anything like this OR would there be a way to create a custom function that would call the service and
    1) IF the result is True, treat the submission as normal (i.e. submit to Zapier, etc.) or
    2) IF the result is False, simply display a message (i.e. a different message on the confirmation page for the form such as “Your request is outside the city limit. Please contact …”). In this case, other actions such as passing the submission to a defined Zapier hook would NOT but done.
    Maybe if the result is False, it could set a Gravity Form Field (i.e. Within Location) to False and then have Conditional Logic on the Zapier option to ONLY pass to Zapier IF Within Location = True.

    If there is not a current way to do this, how much would it cost to provide this capability? Please describe if this would use or your own extension to define the geofences.

    Thank you,

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