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[Resolved]jobs_count shortcode not working

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    Kev stylus

    Hi, I have the following shortcode on my homepage
    [jobs gjm_use=”1″ gjm_map=”1″ gjm_map_width=”100%” gjm_map_height=”250px” jobs_count=”3″ gjm_distance=”1″]

    But the map is being displayed with 50 jobs, the number set in my WP-JobManager preferences.

    I thought gjm_use=”1″ should override those preference settings?

    My site has two instances of the Map and it’s search form, one on the homepage which only needs to show a few jobs (3-5) and the other instance is on the Job Vacancies page, which is intended to display 50 jobs before paginating.

    I’d also like to set the zoom-level but that shortcode isn’t working either.

    Can you advise on how to fix either of these problems please?


    Eyal Fitoussi

    Hello Kev,

    FYI, this forum is for support related to GEO my WP plugin only. Please use the premium support form for future support.

    As for your questions,

    WP Jobs Geolocation extension does not control the jobs count of the [jobs] shortcode. WP Job Manager plugin controls the jobs count and pagination.

    Using the Geolocation extension you can control the number of jobs only when using the [gjm_jobs_map] shortcode and you do it using the shortcode attribute results_count=”5″.

    It is not possible to set the zoom level with the current version of the plugin. I will add it to the next version which should be released soon.


    Kev stylus

    Thanks for your reply, and I’ll use the Premium support in future, but now I’m really confused on what the plugin does and how it works with WP-JobManager.

    Am I right in thinking GeoMyWP adds a map to the WP-JobManager Search bar and job listing? If not, then I’ve just renewed subscription on the wrong plugin.


    Eyal Fitoussi

    Hello Kev,

    GEO my WP is a stand alone geolocation plugin ( and the name of this website ). It got nothing todo with WP Job Manager plugin.

    WP Job Manager Geolocation, the premium extension that you purchased, is to be used with WP Job Manager plugin. And yes, the extension does extends WP Job Manager plugin with geolocation features which includes address and radius search and displaying Google Map above the search results. Same as described in the extension’s page.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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