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[Resolved]Only older taxonomies show in the new form page

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    Hi Eyal,

    I want to use a new custom taxonomy I’ve created for my custom post type. The existing taxonomies show, but when I create the new taxonomy it doesn’t appear!

    I’ve noticed this behaviour before – if I create my taxonomies first and then initialise Premium Settings, the taxonomies appear.

    Could you advise? This is on a local site I’m working on.




    Matt Worley

    James, did you get any feedback on this? Or did you find a solution? When you say “initialize” did you deactivate and then reactivate the plugin, or remove and reinstall? Or something else? I am having the same issue of not having a new custom taxonomy viewable as an option on the search form.


    Eyal Fitoussi

    I apologize for missing out your initial post. Are you still having this issue?

    How do you create your taxonomies? Plugins? custom script?


    Eyal Fitoussi

    I have just uploaded a new version of the Premium Settings add-on with a fix for this issue. Please updated and let me know if it works.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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