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[Not resolved]Best Two sided Marketplace plugin to work with Geo My WP Global Maps

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    nanang santoso

    Hi Eyal,

    We have purchased GMW add ons like: Excluded Members, Global Maps and Premium Setting.

    We are on the process of building a two-sided (multi-vendor) marketplace website in which we hope to use the GMW proximity (member locators, post locator) to enable our user locate the closest vendors around them.

    Being stuck with the theme that we are using now, do you have any suggestion on which theme and plugins that would work seamlessly with GMW add-ons that we had? We would really appreciate any help on this matter.

    ps: we had previously sent support ticket(#post-53659) to ask for help and did what you suggest to no avail. we use dokan as our base on multi-vendor (would it be easier if we use wc vendors pro?)

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