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Advanced Location-Based Form Builder

Easily build forms that will search and find any post types or BuddyPress members based on an address and radius entered.

Search Forms

GEO my WP comes with an advanced form builder which allows you to create unlimited proximity search forms for your pages, posts, post types, and Buddypress members.

Have full control of the features and the look of each of your forms and give the visitors of your site the best geo-location search experience!

Geo-locate Your Post Types

Easily add geographic location to your real estate, restaurants, events, classifieds, directory listings or any other post types you might have.

Post types GEO-Location

Allow visitors to search for posts based on an address and to find what is near them. With GEO my WP, creating a real estate, events, directory or any other type of location-based website is a simple task.

Geo-locate BuddyPress Members

Assign geo-location to BuddyPress members' profiles, as well as search and find members based on geographic location.

BuddyPress Members GEO-Location

Let your BuddyPress members easily add location to their profile. Allow them to search for and find other members near them or near any address they enter. GEO my WP is the best GEO solution for dating, friends, groups and other social networking websites.

Theme Flexibility

Using its shortcodes and widgets, GEO my WP can be easily used with any WordPress theme.

GEO my WP Theming

Why limit yourself to a certain theme? Being a shortcode based plugin, GEO my WP has no limits; and you can use it with any theme in the market! Simply build a form, paste its shortcode your page and enjoy searching.

Premium Add-ons

A great way to enhance GEO my WP functionality and to support the hard-working developers.

GEO my WP Premium Add-ons

Boost GEO my WP functionality by choosing from an array of sophistisated add-ons. Enhance your location-based search forms, widgets, and shortcodes by adding great features, making the searching experience of your website even better.


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Thank You!

GEO my WP is a free plugin. You can Download and start using it right now.

I want to thank all of you who have been using GEO my WP and supporting my work. Your suggestions, feedback, bug reports and donations, plus knowing that my work is being enjoyed is greatly appreciated.

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