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[Resolved]Displaying xprofile fields in buddypress members list

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    Carrie Bishop


    I’ve added an extended profile using xprofile fields, and I’m displaying some of the fields on the members list page. But, if someone has left a field blank, their profile is displaying the data for the last member who did complete that field. (So, if I didn’t put my city but the person displayed before me did, that person’s city is showing in my profile.) You can see what I mean here:

    I copied members-loop.php to a buddypress folder in my main theme folder, and here’s the code I added to display the name, city and state:

    Is there some additional code I need to add to make sure that field data from other members isn’t displaying in the wrong profile?



    Eyal Fitoussi

    Hi Carrie,
    The script seems to be fine so I am not sure what it is happening.

    You can try specifying the member ID in the function.

    You can get the member ID using:

    Then get the field data using:

    I hope that helps.


    Eyal Fitoussi

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