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[Resolved]Workscout … Does it work with the template

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    Wayne Smith

    I have workscout installed for our client who want to have maps displaying.
    I purchased the plugin and installed the code into the page, but no map displays for the jobs listed, or any other jobs for that matter.

    It just sits on the spinning lines … Any ideas?

    Page is here:

    Shortcode is:
    [gjm_jobs_map map_width=”100%” map_height=”250px” map_type=”ROADMAP” jobs_count=”100″ marker_cluster=”1″]

    I’ve tried adding modifying the shortcode on the page that displays the listing results to[jobs gjm_use=”2″], but no map displays at all wwith this.


    Eyal Fitoussi

    Hello Wayne and thank you for the purchase.

    1) After installing the add-on, did you import the existing jobs?

    2) Do you have any other map plugins installed?

    3) can you please switch to a default WordPress theme to see if the map is showing?

    Thank you,


    Wayne Smith

    1) Yes
    2) No
    3) I have and it shows correctly.

    There is obviously something in the Workscout Theme that conflicts with the map plugin.

    If I open the inspector I see that the
    GET… Says ‘no content’?

    Is this where the problem lies?
    Any idea how to fix it?



    Eyal Fitoussi

    Thanks for the info.

    I can’t see the error you mentioned when I go to your site. Can you please take a screenshot of the error log that you see and post it here?



    Wayne Smith

    If I add the shortcode to the page and view it in the browser, nothing is displayed. The inspector in Firefox (see attached) is saying no content.

    I have spoken to the developer of the Workscout theme and he has unfortunately confirmed that your excellent plugin is not compatible with his theme … you may want to add this incompatibility to your homepage.

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    Eyal Fitoussi

    I am sorry to hear that.

    Are you able to email me a zip file of the theme? I would like to test it on my site and see if I can provide a solution.

    If so, please email it to



    M Odley

    The workscout theme re writes the standard WP Jobs Manager filters function so that it can add the salary and rate sliders.

    If you come up with a solution I would be interested too please. We are currently working on a solution which I will share is successful.




    I’m also using the Workscout theme. Is GeoMyWP already compatible with this theme?


    Eyal Fitoussi

    Hi All,
    After testing the WorkScout theme it looks like that all the geolocation features ( of WP Job Manager Geolocation add-on ) are working except for the map.

    If that is the case for you as well please try the script below as a fix for the map issue. Yo should place it in the functions.php file of the theme/child-theme.

    please let me know if that works for you.



    Richard Burbidge

    Hi Eyal,

    I’ve just tested your script and it seems to work for me. Thanks very much!




    Eyal Fitoussi

    You are welcome Rich.


    Eyal Fitoussi

    I am marking this topic resolved. If anyone is still having issue you are welcome to post a new reply. But Please change the topic status to “Not Resolved” before posting the reply.


    M Odley

    adding this to my child theme functions did not fix it for me. Are there any other steps that need to be taken?

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