Buddypress Members Directory Geolocation extension might not work with themes that use custom BuddyPress Members Directory page, like the Sweet-date or Kleo themes. Please contact us before making a purchase if you are not sure about the theme that you are using.

BuddyPress Members Directory Geolocation extension enhances BuddyPress Members Directory page by extending it with geolocation features, and proximity search query. Using the extension the visitors of your site will be able to search the Members Directory based on address and radius and see the results ordered by the distance.

Buddypress Members Directory Geolocation Key Features

  1. Perfome proximity search query to search and find members based on location and disatnce.
  2. Add address field to the search form of the Members Directory page to search for members based on location.
  3. Address autocomplete to display live suggested results while the user is typing an address.
  4. Locator button to auto-detect the user’s current location.
  5. Add Radius dropdown select box to the search form so users to choose how far to search for other members.
  6. Distance units – choose between Miles or Kilometers.
  7. Display dropdown select box of either states or countries to find members.
  8. Add distance item to the “order by” dropdown select box of the Members Directory to order the list of memebrs by the distance.
  9. Display Google map above the list of results showing the members location.
  10. Set the map height and width.
  11. Select the map type between Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain.
  12. Show the address of each member in the list of results
  13. Show the Distance to each member in the list of results
  14. Show Get Directions link in each member in the list of results, that will open a new page showing Google map and driving directions.

Proximity Search Query

This powerful feature allows the visitors of your site to search and find other members based on address and distance.

Google Places Address Autocomplete

Displaying suggested results while typing an address makes it easier and faster for the visitor to find an accurate address.

Locator Button

Make it easier for the visitors to detect their current location by adding the locator button inside the address field.

Quick Filters

Using the states or countries filter, the visitors of your site can easily find members in a specific state or country. That is instead of searching nearby by specific address.

Order By Distance

Visitors can sort the list of members by the distance to see who is the closet.

Google Map

Make it easier to see members location with Google map above the list of members.

Additional information

When setting up the add-on you can choose to display the address of each member in the results ( if member set an address is his profile ), the distance of the member form the address entered in the search form ( when and “Get directions” link which will open a new page with Google map showing the driving direction from the member to the address entered in the search form.

Easy Setup

Settings up the extension and enabling the geolocation features is a simple process. Everything is done via the Settings page of GEO my WP. Once you are done setting it up, all the features will apply dynamically to the Members Directory page of your theme, no extra code is needed.