Formidable geolocation extension uses Google Maps API to enhances Formidable Forms plugin with Geolocation features.

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Notice that the geolocation fields of Formidable Geolocation extension do not work with the repeatable section feature of Formidable Forms at the moment.

With Formidable Geolocation you can easily add unlimited Google maps, address fields, auto-locator buttons, Google address autocomplete and more to any of your Formidable forms. Locations entered via the address field, found on the map or via the auto-locator can be geocoded and will show in the entry page.

Checkout the live demo

to see the plugin in action.

Formidable Geolocation Key Features

Address Field

The address field can be used for geocoding the address entered by a user. You can Enable Google Places address autocomplete, to present the user with suggested results while typing an address. You can also enable the auto-locator icon that will show inside the address field and will be used to auto-detect the user’s location.

Auto-locator Button

Using the auto-locator button, the browser will try to detect the user’s current location. If a location was found, it will be geocoded, set the map and auto-fill the address field.

Notice that most browsers require a secure page ( SSL certificate ) in order to use to auto-locator feature.

Google Map Field

Present your users with Google Maps where they can drag the marker to the desired location. Once the marker dragged the location will be geocoded and the address field will be dynamically populated with the address. Set the map’s width and height, default coordinates, map type and zoom level.

Geocoder Field

The geocoder is a hidden field that syncs the different geolocation fields of the form and geocodes the location entered. It can sync, for example, between a map and an address field so when an address is entered in the address field, the map marker is dynamically dragged to that location and vice versa.

Geocoder - entry view
Geocoder – entry view

Page Load Auto-locator

Set a form to dynamically try to detect the user’s current position when the form firs load. The location, if found, will be geocoded and automatically set the map and address field.

Page locator admin
page locator admin

Output location field

Dynamically populate any of the Formidable form fields with any of the geocoded location fields. For example, you can set a single text field to auto populate with city after the map marker was dragged. This can be helpful if you’d like to save the geocoded information into custom fields ( when creating a post ) or to user meta ( when registering a user ).

Output location field
Output location field

GEO my WP compatibility

Assign posts and user location to GEO my WP database from the front-end. This way posts and users created or updated using Formidable Forms will be searchable via GEO my WP search forms. Note, this feature requires Formidable Pro plugin to be able to create posts and User Registration add-on to be able to register and update user information.