GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 6

Written by Eyal Fitoussi on January 22, 2018

GEO my WP beta 6 is now ready for testing ( there were a few minor beta versions between beta 2 and beta 6 ). I have also updated most of GEO my WP extensions to be compatible with version 3.0, except for one; the Global Maps extension.

Listed below are the extensions and versions which are ready to work with v3.0. You can download them from Your Account page:

  • Prmeium Settings - v2.0-beta2
  • Kleo Geolocation v1.4-beta1
  • Members Directory Geolocation v1.5-beta1
  • Xprofile Geolocation v1.5-beta1
  • Users Locator ( WP Users Geolocation ) 1.3-beta1
  • Nearby Locations 1.3-beta1
  • Groups Locator 1.6-beta1
  • Exclude Locations 1.3-beta1

I will work on the Global Maps extension this coming week.

Before updating to v3.0, please carefuly read the post on v3.0 beta 1 and v3.0 beta 2 to make sure the update goes as smooth as possible.

You can download GEO my WP 3.0 beta 6 from here.

Your comments, questions and feedback regarding the updates are greatly appriciated.

Thank you.