GEO my WP beta 6 is now ready for testing ( there were a few minor beta versions between beta 2 and beta 6 ). I have also updated most of GEO my WP extensions to be compatible with version 3.0, except for one; the Global Maps extension.

Listed below are the extensions and versions which are ready to work with v3.0. You can download them from Your Account page:

  • Prmeium Settings – v2.0-beta2
  • Kleo Geolocation v1.4-beta1
  • Members Directory Geolocation v1.5-beta1
  • Xprofile Geolocation v1.5-beta1
  • Users Locator ( WP Users Geolocation ) 1.3-beta1
  • Nearby Locations 1.3-beta1
  • Groups Locator 1.6-beta1
  • Exclude Locations 1.3-beta1

I will work on the Global Maps extension this coming week.

Before updating to v3.0, please carefuly read the post on v3.0 beta 1 and v3.0 beta 2 to make sure the update goes as smooth as possible.

You can download GEO my WP 3.0 beta 6 from here.

Your comments, questions and feedback regarding the updates are greatly appriciated.

Thank you.


  1. I did not see the Formidable Geolocation above in the extension list. Is it compatible with V3.0 now?

    1. Hi,
      It should be compatible now. Yesterday I released a new version of Formidable Geolocation that compatible with v3.0.

      Give it a try and let me know if there are any issues.

      1. Plugin works fine. Still has an issue with not truncating the first post result on each page – with the excerpt setting checked. Otherwise, looks great.

  2. Hello
    Great 🙂
    Before testing, I will want to know if:

    I have a field of localization delivered with the theme wOffice ( which makes it possible to enter a field buddypress with the api google maps.

    a/ Is it possible to use this field with your plugin?

    b/ Can we make a map of the location of the member, which I can retrieve in a shortcode (in order to insert it in a tab buffypress)?

    c/ Can I make a map to filter the other members (50 maximum) buddypress and if possible within 50 km (without having to enter value, this would be the top) who lives near the connected member?


    1. Hi,

      a) Most likely yes, but not out of the box. You will need custom script that will sync the address field of the theme with GEO my WP. This is something that you might be able to do yourself, or perhaps, ask the theme developers if they could make the theme compatible with GEO my WP.

      b) Yes, but your members need to have their locations set in GEO my WP database. So once the address field mentioned above is synced with GEO my WP, you should be able to create members maps and proximity search forms.

      c) Yes, but as mentioned above, members need to have locations saved in GEO my WP.

      1. Hello,
        I’m the one who asked the question GEO my WP 3.0 Beta 6 • GEO my WP

        1/ It seems complicated and expensive to make a specific development.
        Can you tell me all the extensions to buy if I want to do the same thing using your localization field (to put in the xprofile buddypress fields).
        In this case, I will copy the current values ​​of the field in the field “Geo my Wp”
        It seems easier to work with only your code

        2 / I may have a 2nd site to do with the same objectives.
        What is the cheapest solution for additional licenses and discounts in the 2nd year? a publication in codecanyon?

        3 / approximate date of release of v3?


  3. Upgraded and new version really looks awesome…but maps are only showing red markers for all categories…use to have different markers for each category…any trick for getting back the map markers/icons?

    Went to settings, in post tab “Post types map icons”…when hit Posts…get a start of a window but nothing in it. Hit refresh icon there and on Post page but nothing.

    Do have Per post map icon enabled

    On Post Category…icon is black box with x and when try to edit a category, the marker/icon is blank line

  4. Didn’t have but have added “/wp-content/plugins/geo-my-wp/assets/map-icons/main-icons/”. with 3 png files. and refresh button on form and wp post page does look like it refreshes but adds no markers

    1. The icons exist in the Premium Settings folder, but because of a bug the plugin does not read them.

      what you can do, while I am working on a fix, is add custom icons to the theme ( or child theme ) folder.

      The icons should be under the theme folder/geo-my-wp/posts-locator/map-icons/….

      1. The work-around for icons worked.

        Another note: Having problems with maps…doing another site from scratch…buddypress site and maps not working on profiles. Set up API key, placed it GEO but when I enable Goggle Maps API I get:
        Oops! Something went wrong.
        This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

        When I disable…it all goes away and can type an address…but still get nothing.

        What is really strange, when I logged into google account the project and API for 1st website that is working–is gone. Created a new project and API Key and enabled all 3 things and use that key in new website, which gives me these problems above.

        1. Eyai, Disregard, didn’t have the API Key in Formidable global settings…once I put the same key worked. Thanks.

  5. Starting to use page load results and disable the search form so just goes to straight to results. Some things wrt forms:

    1. Do see count message but not seeing the radius message “within {radius} {units} from {address}

    2. Looks great until there is no results within the radius…the message is displayed but if you try to widen radius or see all results…nothing happens. The {wider_search_link} and {all_results_link} text appears but it doesn’t seem to increase radius nor give all results. Found that by reducing radius until saw phrase.

  6. Dear Eyal, I tested version 3.0 beta 4 and some text is not translate in this version. I sync files in locotranslate, terms are there but the translation is no more effective while it is working well before update from version 2.7.1.

    I also have similar problem with post forms:

    Before updating, I would like to know if this issue have been fixed in beta 6 version?

    Thank you for your help, Louis

  7. Hi,

    Welcome to this major update ! I can’t wait to try it’s integration with a plugin not working with the stable version.

    I try to import exsiting locations into the new database table but nothing happens. I just see the animated weel icon with the message “Searching for locations…”. I don’t see any error message, I don’t know what happens. I have accepted the tracking, I wonder if you can get the error from my server.
    When I clic on “Abort”, nothing happens neither, the process doesn’t “look” aborted.

    Thank you,

    1. Few more things.

      In the “Form” Tab, my previous “Form Type” is “Memebrs Locator” instead of “Members Locator” I guess.
      I don’t think this can be link with the previous error. Just to tell you.
      If I create a new “Member locator” form, the “Form Type” is “Members Locator”.

      Actually when I use the shortcode to display the form on a page (the one working with stable version), nothing appears on my searching page. As said in the comment above, my new database table has not been created yet, this might be the reason.
      Creating a new form showing the good “Form Type” does not fix the issue.

    2. Hi,
      The importer issue sounds like a conflict with another plugin. Try looking for Javascript errors in the browser console and let me know if there are any.

      The “Memebrs Locator” is a simple misspelled, and was fixed in the new beta. It should not effect the functionality of the plugin in anyway.

      And yes, you won’t see any locations in the results until you import the locations to the new table.

      A new beta version is out, you should give it a try. You can download it from here.

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