Gravity Forms Geolocation 2.0

Written by Eyal Fitoussi on February 26, 2016

After over six months of Gravity Forms Geolocation 2.0 being a beta version, I am proud and excited to announce the release of Gravity Forms Geolocation version 2.0.

The new version comes with a brand new structure/system which makes the plugin much more powerful. New features were also added, many bugs were fixed and performance is improved.

So what exactly is the new system of the plugin?

The new version of the plugin comes with a new geolocation fields called "Geocoder". The Geocoder field is now responsible for the geocoding. Geocoding takes place when the front-end user enters an address, coordinates, drags the map marker and uses the locator button.

Up until this version it was only possible to geocode a single location. Location entered using the address field, map or locator button. Also, in the form settings page it was possible to assign a custom field to each of the location fields after geocoding takes place.

With the new version of the plugin, using the new geocoder field, you can setup up unlimited geolocation fields groups. That means that you can have more then a single location being geocoded per form. You can also save each of the geolocation fields' data in custom fields, user meta integrate it with GEO my WP and more.

Unlimited Google Maps

The new geocoding system allows you to place unlimited maps per form. While in the previous version only a single map was available. You can set the map type, zoom level, default coordinates, enable/disable draggable marker, set a custom marker icon, enable/disable mouse's scroll-wheel zoom and more.

Coordinates Reversed Geocoder

Another new field that was added to the new version is the Coordinates field. The Coordinates field consists of two text input fields; Latitude and Longitude. This field allows the front-end user to enter a set of coordinates that will be reversed geocoded into an address.

Together with the major improvements mentioned above, there are many other new features and field options added to the this version. Post update, Create User and Update User forms are working much better and many bugs were fixed.

This version is the result of a few months of work and comes with a complex system. So, bugs are expected but I do hope for no major bugs. Also, because of the major changes in the structure of the plugin you will most likely need to setup your form fields again.

Note that the Gravity Forms Geolocation settings page was removed and everything is now being setup through the form fields.

A detailed documentation page for the new version can be found here and a demo site here.

You can download version 2.0 from your GEO my WP Account page.