Geolocate WordPress Posts

Easily add Location to any of your pages, posts or post types. Using GEO my WP creating any directory, real estate, events or any other type of based location website becoming a simple task.

Add location to a post
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GeoLocate Buddypress Members

Let your buddypress's members easily add their location. Let them search and find for other members near them or near any address. Great solution for dating, friends, groups or any other type of social networking website.

Add Location to Member
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Advanced, Proximity Search Forms

With GEO my WP you can create unlimited, advanced, proximity Search forms for your pages, posts, post type, and Buddypress members. Have full control on the settings and styling of each of your search forms and the results to give your users the best experience.

Search forms
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Theme Compatibility

Use GEO my WP with any of your Wordpress's themes and have full control on the look and feel of the search form and the results. Use the widget and/or the search forms shortcode in any of your pages to display the search form and results.

Theme compatibility


Boost GEO my WP functionality with a great collection of add-ons. Enhance your location-based search forms, more widgets, Shortcodes and great features for WordPress posts and Buddypress members.

Add ons

Thank you!

GEO my WP is a free plugin. You can Download and start using it right now.

I want to thank all of you who have been using GEO my WP and supporting my work. Your suggestions, feedback, bug reports, donations and just the idea that you are enjoying my work is greatly appreciated.

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