to let you guys know i am working on few bug fixes for the next update hopefully will be ready for next week.
– i know of some issues of GEO my WP with IE. i am working on it.
– Also found a bug in friend finder that prevent results from showing when there is a “Select Box” profile field in the search form
– The “Full Address” profile field that need to be created is suppose to be hidden at all times (registration and in the “edit profile” page).
– There is a Conflict when using both GEO my WP and BP Checkins. I am working on that as well.
– Also trying to get around few issues with location and cookies in areas outside the USA.

Features Ready for next premium version release:
– Groups Locator – Now group’s admins can add a location to their groups. You can see a demo here. Site’s admins can also choose a global map’s icon for the groups or let the group admins choose one.
You can try by creating a new group. After creating the group go to its location tab and enter the location. please let me know of any errors you get into.

– Few users mentioned the privacy issues that can be caused by displaying a full address of the members in the results page. I got new features for that:

1) Now profile fields fully integrated with the location. Admins can now choose which fields from the address fields to be used in the plugin. So you can create only “zipcode” and “state”, or only “city” and “state” or any other combination. this way users can feel safe when registering and using the site. Also added new “address fields” settings to the shortcode. So if you do choose to use all the address fields with the profile fields you can still choose to hide the one that you want from the results page. meant that the user might have the full address in the database but in the results it will show only “city” and “state”.

2) Another new feature let you “cancel” the “location” tab for the logged in user. Few users mentioned
that the “location” tab might be a bit confusing or advance for some people. The new feature will let you choose to use only the “Edit profile” page to modify the location and the “Location” tab will display the map for the logged in users.

3) For those of you who let their members choose their map’s icon, they can do it from the “Edit Profile” page as well.

I hope i get fixes for the bugs above so i can release an update already next week. When done i will jump into the Gravity Form integration.

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