* Group Locator – add locations to groups and create a search form to locate groups near location.
* integration with gravity form – let your members add/update locations to posts from the front end.
* Automatically Display results near displayed post – shortcode or widget that will display results near single location.


  1. Dear fitoussi,

    I’m glad you are planing to integrate gravity forms. Thank you again for your support on getting this to work before it was even planned.

    Nice work, nice support, nice WP plugin!

    1. Thank you Apel,
      I had few users asking to add Gravity Forms integration. but also i got the Gravity Forms few days ago for a personal project where i also integrated both plugins. so it should not be too hard to add it to the plugin’s core.

    1. The last feature on the list was your idea which i really like. the group locations is 80% so hopefully in a week or so i will release an update. Also i am working on few more bugs and the IE issues. also improving performance.
      How is the performance of the site with the new server?

  2. Gravity forms integration sounds interesting. I only found out about your plugin yesterday but after looking at it a bit, it sounds interesting.

    I’m currently running buddyPress 1.7 on WordPress 3.5beta2 with multisite sub-domains and multi-database(256dbs) setup. Given these specs is your plugin compatible?

    *I’m also a little concerned about performance. While I have a fully dedicated server just for this one network install, I do have 30k members and 400k topics. I’m curious how many fields your plugin adds to the database and to which tables/fields it adds. My user_meta table is already 800k lines long and growing, so I have to ask.

  3. Hi shawn,
    I am not sure about wordpress 3.5 beta since i have not had a chance to tried that yet. As well as the subdomain, so far i have only used subfolders in any of my installation. However, i believe it should work and if you try the plugin and have any issue i will be more than happy to help you with that.

    when you install the plugin most of the data go into custom tables that the plugin creates. The only data goes into wordpress database are the custom fields for : street, city ,state ,zipcode ,country, full address, latitude, longitude, phone, fax, email and website.

    the tables that being created when installing the plugin are:
    1)wp_#_places_locator – table that being created for each site in a multisite installation and holds the post types information. post id, post title, and all the information above(street, city and so on).

    2) wppl_friends_locator – this is a single table that holds the locations of buddypress members. member id, street, city and so on.

    Most of l the queries happening within the tables above. i created it this way to have a better performance.
    i am not sure yet about the performance when when it comes to very long tables. but again, the queries mostly happening in one table unless you adding taxonomies or xprofile fields to the search form.

    i am also working on improving the search performance using sessions to have less queries running trough the database.

    You can try ten free version and see if it works for you. it cant do any harm. If you see that it doesn’t work or it doesn’t work well you can always remove it and remove the two tables that was created.

    1. @fitoussi
      thanks for the detailed explanation. I think what I am going to do is to try this on a staging server first. As I have perfect daily backups of the site database and files, I have ordered a staging server to test things out on first. I will let you know how it goes.

      Like I said, this is the first I have ever even heard of this plugin. From what I see on your site here though, it does look pretty decent.

  4. Gravity Forms integration is exactly what I’m looking for and a definite reason to buy for me. I could use it in a project right now, what’s the ETA on the next release? Happy to help beta test the integration, thanks.

    1. Hi Foxx,
      I am almost done with the groups locator and then I’ll move to the gravity forms. I am not sure how long it will take but hopefully no longer then 2 weeks. Still, anything can happen since in between i still working on bugs and other improvements.

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