Buddypress Xprofile Geolocation extension provides integration between Buddypress’ Extended Profile component and GEO my WP. Using the extension, the members of your site can add and update their location using their BuddyPress Member Profile page That’s is instead of, or in addition to the Location tab, that is generated by GEO my WP.

With Buddypress Xprofile Geolocation new members can add a location during registration as well.

How It Works?

Once Buddypress Xprofile Geolocation is set up, and profile fields are linked to GEO my WP, each time a member add or update a location, this location will be synced with GEO my WP.

When an address is updated by a member using the xprofile fields, GEO my WP geocodes the address and saves the location data in GEO my WP locations table in the database. This what makes members location searchable when using GEO my WP forms and mashup maps.

Please note that locations entered previously the installation of Buddypress Xprofile Geolocation will not be recognized by GEO my WP. The members of your site, or you as the admin, will need to update their location after the installation of the extension in order to sync it with GEO my WP.

Buddypress Xprofile Geolocation Key Features

  1. Buddypress members can add and update their location from thier Member Edit Profile page.
  2. Buddypress members can add a location during Buddypress registration process.
  3. Link any of the Xprofile fields on your site with GEO my WP.
  4. Limit the address fields members can provide for privacy purposes.
  5. Select between single or multiple address fields.
  6. Enable Google Places address autocomplete on the address field to preset the member with live suggested results while typing an address.
  7. Auto populate the member’s current location, when exists, into the location fields.
  8. Disable GEO my WP Location tab to force members to add and updated their location using the profile page.
  9. As an admin, you will be able to update other members location from the User Profile page of the admin’s dashboard.

Add Location Using Member Profile Page

Allow the members of your site to manage their location from the Member Edit Profile page, for faster and easier user experience. That is instead of, or in addition to, the Location tab, which some users find more advanced or complex to use.

Google Places address autocomplete can be enabled when using the single address field option as a full address.

Location In Edit Profile Page

Add Location During Registration

With GEO my WP by default, it is impossible for members to add a location during registration. That’s because an access to the Location tab only possible after a user has registered. Using Buddypress Xprofile Geolocation extension members can add a location during the registration process the same way as any other profile field.

Please note that this feature only works with BuddyPress’ built-in registration form. It does not work with custom registration forms generated by some themes or plugins.

Additional Features
    • Google address autocomplete can be enabled when using the Single Address field option.
    • Addess autofill can be enabled to auto-populate the member’s current location ( when exists ) in the address field of the registration form, when the form first loads.
Location fields in registration page

Limited Address For Privacy Porpuses

When using GEO my WP’s Location tab, members can add any form of address, and without limitation; Full address, street, city, house/apt number, and so on. But that is not always the ideal solution, especially when privacy is important.

If you want to keep the location of your members private, you can link specific address fields to GEO my WP, such as city, zip code, and/or state. This way members will not be able to enter a more accurate location, such as the street or house number.

Location Tab Setup

Using the extenision you can modify GEO my WP default Location tab. There are 3 options:

      1. Leave it as is, so members will have to option to use it for adding and updating their location, instead of using the profile page.
      2. Display a map only so members will be able to see their location.
      3. Disable it completely to force members to use the profile page. This option can be useful if you would like to limit the address that can be entered by a member for privacy purposes.

Admin Settings

Setup the extenion fast and easy using GEO my WP Settings page.