Meta Fields Geolocation

Update GEO my WP's locations via meta fields.
Please note that the Meta Fields Geolocation extension is currently in beta and is only compatible with GEO my WP v4.0 which is in beta as well. You can read about the latest beta of GEO my WP v4.0 and download it from here.

Do you want to add locations to GEO my WP from the front-end of your site using front-end forms or custom functions? Do you want to use custom fields to manage GEO my WP's location? Then the Meta Fields Geolocation extension is what you want.

Meta Fields Geolocation

Using the Meta Fields Geolocation extension you can sync specific meta field with GEO my WP. Once a meta field is synced with GEO my WP, each time this meta field is updated with an address on your site, GEO my WP will geocode that address and save the location in its locations database. And the same thing goes when that meta field is deleted, the location in GEO my WP will be deleted as well.

This feature make it possible to manage GEO my WP's locations using any front-end forms or custom functions that save an address in a meta field. You can use this feature instead or in addition to the Location form provided by GEO my WP by default.

Meta Fields Geolocation Key Features

  • Manage GEO my WP's locations via meta fields instead of ( or in additional to ) using GEO my WP's location form.
  • Manage GEO my WP's locations via front-end forms and custom function that use meta fields to save an address.
  • Use post custom fields to manage post locations.
  • Use user meta fields to manage WordPress user locations ( requires the WordPress Users Locator premium extension ).
  • Use user meta fields and/or BuddyPress Xprofile fields to manage BuddyPress member locations.
  • Use BuddyPress group meta fields to manage BuddyPress group locations ( requires the BuddyPress Groups Locator premium extension ).

Settings Page

Syncing meta fields with GEO my WP is simmple. All you need to do is navigate to the settings page of GEO my WP and enter the meta field name that you wish to sync with GEO my WP.


  • WordPress 5.5+
  • GEO my WP 4.0+


The Meta Fields Geolocation extension is compatible with the core extensions and with the premium extensions listed below:

License Agreement
All license options are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, which during this time you will be eligible for support and updates. All prices are billed yearly until canceled.
For more information, visit our FAQ section or ask a pre-sales question.
Extension Details
Version 1.0
Developed by Eyal Fitoussi
Requires WordPress 5.6 or higher
Requires GEO my WP 4.0 or higher
WordPress 5.6 or higher
GEO my WP 4.0 or higher
  • Initial Release - 08/26/23