Xprofile Fields


Developed by Eyal Fitoussi

Xprofile Fields add-on creates integration between Buddypress’s Extended Profile component and GEO my WP. Xprofile Fields add-on allows the members of your site add and update their location using Buddypress’s Xprofile fields instead of ( or in addition to ) the “Location” Tab which created by GEO my WP.
With Xprofile Fields add-on installed when a member adds or updates his location via Xprofile Fields the location will be saved in GEO my WP table in database which will make the member searchable searchable by GEO my WP search forms.

Xprofile Fields add-on Key Features

  1. Buddypress members can add a geolocation during Buddypress’s registration process.
  2. Buddypress members can add/update their location from the “Edit” profile page.
  3. Choose between single or multiple address fields which will be used when updating location.
  4. Google Places address auto-complete can be used with single address field.
  5. User’s Current location autofill.
  6. Disable the “Location” tab for the logged-in user if you want to force users to modify their location using profile fields.
  7. Admin can update other members location from their “Edit” profile page or from the “Extended Profile” tab under the “User Edit” page in the dashboard. The tab introduced by BuddyPress 2.0.

Settings Page Images

Add Location During Registration

registration page auto-complete

registration page auto-complete

After setting up the add-on members will be able to add their location while registering on your site. Moreover, by setting the address field as require, new members will have to add their location during registration. When setting up the add-on you can choose between single address field that can be used as a full address field or multiple address fields. When using multiple address fields you can use any of the field: Street, any, city, state, zip code and country.
When you choose to use single address field you can also use the Google Places address auto-complete feature. Google Places auto-complete display suggested results while tying an address.
Another feature you can use in the registration form is the auto-locator. The feature will use the browser GPS to try and auto-locate the user’s current location and if found it will auto-fill the address field for the user.

Registration Page Images

Add/update location via “Edit” profile page

Auto-compelte edit profile page

Auto-compelte edit profile page

Very similar to the way the registration page is working users can also add and update their location via Buddypress profile page.
The address fields that you set will be available under the “Profile” tab of the member profile page and members will be able to update the location using from the “Edit” tab of the “Profile” page.
When using a single address field Google Places address auto-complete feature will be available when updating the location.


Xprofile Fields and “Location” tab

Another feature of Xprofile Fields add-on is the ability to disable the “Location” tab of BuddyPress profile page for the logged-in user. This can be useful when you want to force your members to add/update their location using the profile page. Note that the location tab will be still available when viewing a profile of another member. In this case the location tab will display a map with the location of the displayed member.
If you choose to leave the location tab sill there is a complete synchronization between the Location tab and the Xprofile fields. Which means that once a member update his location via the Location tab the location will be update in his Xprofile fields as well and vice versa.

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