I am thrilled to announce the new version of GEO my WP 2.5 ( beta 1 ). This is another major update of GEO my WP which brings many new features, performance improvements and bugs fix. This is the first beta and I need your help to test it out. Testing and debugging it will assure that the final release will be as stable as possible.

Very Important:

  1. GEO my WP 2.5 and the premium add-ons went through major core modifications . Please backup your site before proceeding with the updates.
  2. If you are using any of the premium add-ons please first update the premium add-ons and only then update to GEO my WP 2.5. That is to prevent any conflict between GEO my WP 2.5 to the previous versions of the add-ons.

GEO my WP 2.5 Change-log:

  1. Add-ons Page:
    1. The add-ons page of GEO my WP was visually improved as well as its core was almost completely rewritten which results in better performance when activating/deactivating the licenses key or the add-ons as well as when checking for new updates.
    2. The add-ons page is now ( in my opinion ) more user friendly. Each add-on element displays two separate buttons: one for the license key activation/deactivation and another for the add-on activation/deactivation.
    3. Clear and easy to understand Success/error messages .
    4. Add-ons and license key activation usage instructions.
    5. Activate/Deactivate update system button ( move from GEO my WP Settings page ).
    6. add-ons which are actually plugins can be now activated/deactivated from the add-ons page. So by activating/deactivating an add-on you will actually activate/deactivate the plugin. There is no need to go to the plugins page for that.
  2. Tools Page – I am so excited about the release of GEO my WP’s new tools page. It has been a long time and many users that have been asking and waiting for that.  I do believe that tools page is an important part of such plugin and I hope that many will find it useful. GEO my WP’s Tools page comes with solutions for back and restore of data , export/import locations and reset/uninstall  of GEO my WP.
    1. Easily duplicate your settings and forms between different sites or backup and restore it on the same site.
    2. Export and Import Post Types locations between different sites ( same thing for Members Locator is planned for the future ).
    3. Import locations from custom fields of your choice. This can be useful when another plugin saves locations in custom fields and you want to import the locations into GEO my WP
    4. Import locations from other plugins . Right now it is possible to import locations  from WordPress Store Locator  and MapPress plugins.

    It is very important to test the tools page features on test sites. It is a brand new page with brand new functions and I don’t want things to go wrong on any of your live sites.

  3. Admin pages – admin pages were generally improved:
    1. A bit of new styling and core improvement.
    2. New admin settings added to Post Types Locator add-on which allows you to set the initial lat/lng and map zoom level of the map in GEO my WP section of the “New/Edit post page”.
    3. “Features” tab under “Settings” page removed. It created more confusion that actually being helpful.
    4. License and updater classes were improved for better performance.
  4. Forms editor – Forms pages visually improved and security issues were fixed.
  5. Search forms can now be disabled in case that you want to only have the search results displayed. This I believe can be useful if you want to display a map of posts on page load where you do not need the search form. A map of posts can be created using the new feature describe next. You can disable the search form by selecting “Disable search form” from the dropdown menu of the “Search Form Template” feature.
  6. Another exciting feature is the new  “Page Load Results” tab that added to Post Types locator forms. Using the tab you will be able to completely configure the form behavior on page load. It can be completely different than the configuration of the search results on form submit. You can choose the post type, set a starting address to search from, search based on user’s current location when exists, set the distance, results per page, and additional filters by city name, state, country and zipcode. Another thing you can choose is if to display map, list of results or both. So basically using this tab you can set a form to automatically display all results ( or results filtered based on location ) and show them only on the map. Which will results in a mashup map for post types. How cool ah?
    This feature was sponsored by Rickeym Messick. Thank you!
  7. Members Locator Xprofile Fields – another “wanted” feature that has been requested for a while. The xprofile fields section of the Members Locator will no longer display xprofile fields as checkboxes only. Now each field will be displayed in the search form as the input field type which it was created.  And so, dropdown menu xprofile fields will be displayed as dropdown menu in the search form, Checkboxes will be checkboxes, text fields as text fields and so on. Moreover, all field types can now be displayed in the search form.
  1. Members Locator new grid style results theme.
  2. Maps javascript files improved and combined into one file. Now the content of the info window being created using PHP function and using a hook it can be easily modified. This way you can add or remove information from the info-window.
  3. gmw_single_location shortcode – new shortcode args added:
    1. Element_id to set the id of the wrapper element. if not set it will be random.
    2. info_window – can be 1 or 0. When set to 1 the info window of the marker represent the post location will be open on click.
    3. show_info – 1 or 0. When set to 1 the location information will be displayed below the map. You can set it to 0 if you want to hide the text below the map and only show it in the info-window of the map.
    4. ul_marker – 1 or 0. Set to one if you want to display maker represent the user’s current location when exists.
    5. ul_message – The text that will be displayed in the info-window of the marker represent the user’s current location. Default is “Your Location”. leave empty for no info window.
  4. Sweet-date theme – add  Google Places address autocomplete feature and the ability to choose if to show or hide the “orderly” filter.
  5. Full screen map toggle – Small button will be displayed on the top right corner of the maps. Clicking on the button will toggle the map between full screen and normal size.
  6. GEO_my_WP class  improved and many new hooks were added.
  7. New function google_places_address_autocomplete() added. The function is now responsible for triggering the Address Autocomplete on GEO my WP and the different add-on. It also allows you to easily add address autocomplete to any fields of your choice.
  8. New set_labels() function added.  The function now responsible for the different labels of the search forms and results such as “distance”, “address”, “get directions”, “no results” and more. And using the filter gmw_shortcode_set_lables it will be easy to modify the text of any of these labels.
  9. gmw_current_location shortcode new attribute “text_only” which can be 1 or 0. When set to one the current location will be displayed as text only without the hypertext which triggers the location form.
  10.  Fixed issue with pagination not working on a static front page. Now you can have the search forms and results on the home page of your site.
  11. Map markers that on the same exact location will now have the marker spiderier effect to prevent them from being on top of another.
  12. All the JavaScript files complied to smaller size for better performance. The plugin provides you with the compiled and uncompiled files.
  13. Many new filters and actions were added which make GEO my WP much extendable, flexible and powerful.
  14. Many other bugs fix, core improvement,and performance.

I have spent months and countless hours working on GEO my WP 2.5. My goal in each update is not only to add new and exciting features but also to improve GEO my WP’s performance and its user experience.  I don’t want GEO my WP to only look good; I want it to perform well and be stable. I am constantly improving GEO my WP’s core and extending it so it will be as flexible and easy to use as possible. This is so features that do not exist “out of the box” will still be easy to create using hooks and functions.

I have put so many hours developing GEO my WP and the appreciation I have received makes the work all the more worth it. I am happy to see the exposure GEO my WP is getting and that  you, the users,  are enjoying it and finding it useful. As always,  your feedback, donations and purchase of the premium add-ons are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
( Feedback on WordPress.org is always appreciated as well 😉 )

GEO my WP 2.5 Beta 2

  1. Added info-window filters for Post Types Locator
    apply_filters( 'gmw_pt_info_window_content', $output, $post, $form );

    and Members Locator

    apply_filters( 'gmw_fl_info_window_content', $output, $member, $form );

    Using these filters you will be able to modify the info-window content.

  2. New hook to be used with Google maps styled
    do_action( 'gmw_map_styles', $gmw );

    Using the action hook you can add custom style to the Google maps of your forms. This tutorial will show you how to add map style using the new action.

Please use the comments system below to report on bugs, feedback and suggestions.

 Updated – 11/12/2014

GEO my WP 2.5 CR-1

It has been too long since the release of the first beta of GEO my WP 2.5. It was mostly the updates of the premium add-ons that were keeping me from finishing  GEO my WP 2.5.

However, right now all the add-ons are up to date and compatible with Geo my WP 2.5.

Most of the add-ons went trough major update with many bugs fix, improved performance, improved code and new features.

Since GEO my WP 2.5 is not officially released and the new versions of the add-ons are only compatible with  it you will not see the update in the dashboard of your website. Instead, you will be able to manually download the new version of the add-ons from your Purchase History page. The add-ons which will only work with GEO my WP 2.5 and up and will need to be downloaded manually listed below:

  1. Premium Settings – gmw-premium-settings-1-5-beta
  2. Global Maps – gmw-global-maps-2-0-0-beta
  3. Groups Locator – gmw-groups-locator-1-4-beta
  4. Wp Users Geolocation -gmw-users-geolocation-1-1-beta

The rest of the add-ons are already compatible with GEO my WP 2.5.

A complete change-log of the add-ons listed above will be released with the final version of the plugins.

Below are some of  the major changes i’d like to point out:

GEO my WP 2.5:

  1. New shortcodes added:
    1. can be used to display the search form only.

    2. can be used to display the search results only.

    The new shortcodes together with  will allow you to display the any of the different form component anywhere on the page

  2. All of the form’s labels are now being generated using the new function <pre>gmw_form_set_labels( $form )</pre> and tt is now possible to modify any of the form labels using the new filter <pre>gmw_shortcode_set_labels</pre>. You can find the function and the labels in the file geo-my-wp/includes/geo-my-wp-template-functions.php
  3. Many  redundant functions are now deprecated and combined into one. For example, a  function that shows the distance in the search results. Instead of having this function for Post Types Locator form, Members Locator form, Groups Locator and so on. Now there is only one function that serves all. All the deprecated functions can be found in geo-my-wp/includes/geo-my-wp-deprecated-functions.php. If you are using your own custom search forms or search results template files and have DEBUG set to true you will most likely see the warnings about the deprecated functions. Everything will still work fine  until I will remove the deprecated functions file most likely in one of the next updated. So please update your custom template files.
  4. There are many other improvement and bug fixes which I will list in the future.

Global Maps:

  1. The add-on is completely redone with many new features. The main feature is the new search form available for the maps. A new search form tab added to the Edit form page where you can choose the search form template files, set the radius , address field, and other filters based on the type of map you create. The search will be free floating within the map element and when being used it will update the marker on the map via AJAX ( see example the map on the home page of GEO my WP ).
  2. The info window improved a lot and new features added; Draggable window ( for pop-up info window ), new, improved look, new “get directions” system within the pop-up info window and more.

Premium Settings

  1. New info window. same as describe above.
  2. Markers Spiderfier is now fixed and working perfectly.
  3. Post featured image as map icons
  4. Compatible with the new version of the Global Maps

Groups Locator and Wp Users Geolocation add-on also working with the new version of Global Maps. Together with improved code and many bugs fix.

Click here to download GEO my WP 2.5 CR-1.




  1. Being able to easily use custom fields from other plugins is great BUT requiring L&L as mandatory kind of defeats the purpose (for me) of simplifying things for front end editing

    I would like simply to add a custom field ‘address’ so that users just enter their address on the front end and it adds the location. I can do that now with custom code using gmw_pt_update_location. Will that still be the same in 2.5?

    1. Being able to easily use custom fields from other plugins is great…

      If you are referring to the new tools page then GEO my WP won’t actually use custom fields of another plugin but only do an import for existing location from custom fields. Lat/Lng are required for the main reason that a proximity search cannot be performed without it. And building an import tool that will no only import locations ( without lat/long ) but will also geocode them is way more complex.

      That is why I created the gmw_pt_update_location() function which makes GEO my WP way flexible to be used with almost any forms or custom code. As long as the right hooks being provided. The function is still there in GEO my WP 2.5.

    1. if i disable this point:

      Zeige den Standort: Ja
      Display results as list of posts

      in the menu “page load results”
      the results are not being displayed but the map is also gone

      1. True. It happens since the map originally exists within the list of results in the results page. in the feature “display map” you will need to check “use shortcode”
        Then add the map shortcode to your page as well. Together with the form shortcode. For example:
        [gmw map="1"]
        [gmw form="1"]

    2. In the feature “display map” you will need to check “use shortcode”
      Then add the map shortcode to your page as well. Together with the form shortcode. For example:
      [gmw map="1"]
      [gmw form="1"]

  2. Hello eytal,
    can you give us a timeline for GEO my WP 2.5 rc1?
    I would like to install GEO my WP 2.5 rc1 in my project. Can you give me a timeline?

    Thank you for help.


    1. I cannot say for sure. Three weeks ago I said 2 weeks for the final release. Now I’d say again about two weeks and I really hope to have it ready this time. The main thing holding it up are the add-ons. Few of the add-ons going trough major update and will only work with GEO my WP 2.5. So I cannot release the new version of GEO my WP without releasing compatible versions of the add-ons. And as I go with the updates of the add-ons I keep updating GEO my WP 2.5 based on that.

      I am 70% done with the updates. So I really hope that two weeks will be enough. GEO my WP 2.5 is pretty stable right now.

      Are you using any of the Premium add-ons?

      If your are not using any or using add-ons that already compatible I can send over the latest version of GEO my WP 2.5 which I am working on at the moment and you can test it.

      1. Hello Eyal,
        I am using the WP-Job-Manager paid Plugin. Is there a compatible version with GEO my WR ready? So I can do a testing this week. I ask for a fiture I am looking for. When i click on an location in the googlemap is it possible to start a search for the Jobs in this location, “with the searchparameter from WP job manager”.
        thank you for help

        1. Hi,
          Assuming that you are using this WP Job Manager plugin then GEO my WP should be partly compatible with it. BY partly I mean that GEO my WP works with any post types and so it also works with job_listing post type that WP Job Manager plugin creates. That means that you will be able to create search forms using GEO my WP that will search for jobs based on location. But GEO my WP will not integrate directly into the search form of WP Job Manager.

          If you want a direct integration between WP Job Manager and geolocation you can take a look at GEO Job Manager add-on.

          However, the plugins above won’t start a search with a click on Google Map. You will be able to search by entering an address in the address field.

    1. The latest version of GEO Job Manager ( 1.5 ) should be compatible with GEO my WP 2.5 beta. However, there is a bug in the plugin which causes an error when using both Geo Job Manager and GEO my WP 2.5. If you want I can guide you how to fix the error otherwise you could wait until I will release an official fix for it this week.

      The fix is fairly simple and involve changing a small part of the code.

      let me know.

  3. Hi Eyal,

    Great work, loving the new features for the next update! Any more news on when you think the full release might be ready?


    1. Hello Max,
      I have just attached GEO my WP 2.5 CR to the bottom of this post. This should be the last beta before the final release after this weekend. This version is now compatible with all the add-ons so if you are using any of the add-ons you should test it.

      Thank you

  4. Hi,

    I’m testing the RC on my site, with the Premium Settings addon.

    I can see the taxonomy fields in my search form when set to display as a dropdown, but when I set it to checkboxes the field doesn’t appear in the form.

    Can you think of anything that might have changed to effect this?

      1. Hi Eyal, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

        Yeah, I did have the new version of premium settings installed.

        I have actually just managed to solve this problem – I already had my form created before I upgraded to the new RC. The old form had stopped working, but when I recreated a form with the same settings, it worked fine.

        Thanks for the update – it looks great!

  5. Hello Eyal,
    I got a problem with geomywp 2.5 and global map 2.0
    A second map added to that page http://prof.zone/amerique-nord/ doesn’t work.
    The first one on home page is ok : http://prof.zone
    Seems to be related to the search form, as without it the map displays without that white fog and duplication.

    I’ll let you know if I find any other issues.

    1. I have fixed the issue and uploaded the new file.

      Please re-download GEO my WP 2.5 CR and Global Maps 2.0 beta as well any of the add-ons listed below ( if you are using any of theme ):

      Premium Settings
      Groups Locator
      Wp Users Geolocation

      Thank you

      1. Yep, fixed.

        Also their is a 20px under the floating search form that is not clickable, on your home page too.
        And when geomywp is activated i’m unable to edit categories nor menus, some elements are missing / hidden.

        1. 1) It is a padding:10px which prevents you from clicking around the search form. I will remove that before uploading the final release.

          2) I cannot duplicate this issue. It could be a conflict between GEO my WP and another plugin installed on your site. While in the categories or menus page can you look for JavaScript error in the console? Are you using another plugin that uses Google API?

          1. Eyal,
            I’m using the version and I don’t see this option under form editor/map

            Any help?


    1. Hello Johanna,
      GEO my WP 2.5 was released over a month ago and available for download from WordPress.org. If you have been using GEO my WP 2.5 beta you will not see an update notification. You will need to first delete GEO my WP 2.5 beta and then re-install GEO my WP 2.5.

  6. Hi – Thank you for the updates — great new features! One question: is there a way to “turn off” the full-screen toggle icon? Sometimes it covers up the “x” when viewing a location and first-time visitors may not know how to close the location to view others. Thank you.

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