GEO my WP 3.2 - Geocoder Enhancement

Written by Eyal Fitoussi on October 25, 2018

GEO my WP v3.2 is a major release that improves some of the location search queries, locations function, and the geocoder function. You can download GEO my WP v3.2 beta 1 beta 2 beta 3 from here.

Server-Side Geocoder

Back on June of this year Google introduced its new Maps Platform. One of the changes to the new platform is that a server Maps API key is now required for server-side geocoding.

Until now, GEO my WP required a single Maps API Key, which is a browser key ( client-side ). This API key is still required and is responsible for displaying maps, directions, and client-side geocoding. However, this key does no longer work for server-side geocoder. GEO my WP has a few functions ( usually being used with custom scripts ) that use the server-side geocoder, and those functions now fail to geocode a location.

In GEO my WP v3.2 there is new input box in the Settings page for a server-side API key. You need to create a new Google Maps API key and set it as a server key. In this tutorial you can learn how to create both browser and server API keys. In step 9 you can see how to set up a server key. Once you generated the server key, navigate to GEO my WP Settings page -> Maps & Geocoders tab, and enter it in the server key input box.

Server-Side Geocoder Testing Tool

You can now test the your Google Maps Server API key to make sure that it is set up and working properly.

After generating your Google Maps Server API key and adding it in GEO my WP Settings page, navigate to the API Testing tabs of GEO my WP Tools page ( dashboard-> GEO my WP -> Tools -> API Testing tab ) and click the 'Test Server Key' button. The plugin will then run the server-side geocoder and try to geocode a default address.

If geocoding successfull you will see a success message. Otherwise, you will see a detailed error message. The error message should help you understand what is wrong with the setup of your server API key.

Additional Changes

Other changes in GEO my WP 3.2 include improvements to the search queries and location functions, new functions, new hooks, various bugs, and coding standards.

Premium Extensions

A few of the premium extension, which are listed below, require an update in order to be compatible with GEO my WP 3.2:

  • AJAX Forms v1.1
  • Global Maps v2.4
  • Premium Settings v2.2
  • WordPress Users Locator v1.4
  • BuddyPress Group Locator v1.7

If you have a valid license key you can downlaod the new version of the extensions from your account page.

Your feedback on GEO my WP 3.2 is greatly appreciated.