GEO my WP 2.2 is ready with some major changes, improvements and bug fix. Please read carefully the main changes below:

  1.  First thing you should notice after the update are the messages to update your database tables in the admin pages. It is a good idea to backup your database before updating.
    1. The new version does few things when updating the database:
    2. Duplicating the tables that being updated in case that something goes wrong
    3. Modifying the lat and long columns from varchar to float for better performance
    4. Removed deleted users from wppl_friends_locator
  2. WordPress 3.7.1 and BuddyPress 1.8.1 ready
  3. Redo/improved the whole section of GEO my WP in the admin’s new/edit post page.
  4. Modified the way the plugin geocode the address entered in a search form. Now, when one submits the search form the plugin geocodes the address using JavaScript, which is faster than using curl and html, and when the geocode successful the form is being submitted. Otherwise the user will get a message that the address wasn’t found.
  5. You can now set the address field to be mandatory ( in the form settings page).
  6. Improved the locator button functionality in the search form.
  7. Few functions of the search form had been modified and a new function was added. The new function called gmw_form_submit_fields($gmw, $subValue); which must be at the end of every search form. If you haven’t edited your search forms or created custom ones you have nothing to worried about. Basically, the function populate all the necessary hidden fields of the search forms together with the submit button. the second parameter of the function $subValue is the value of the submit button. So if you modified the search form or created a custom one please compare your search form to the default one that comes in this version of the plugin to see the deference.
  8. Removed “INNER JOIN” ( joining wp_users to wppl_friend_locator ) from the members query for better performance.
  9. Added function that deletes users from wppl_friend_locator table when user being deleted from The site.
  10. Fix : Single location shortcode/widget – Now Directions link and additional information can be hidden
  11. Turn on/off the “Marker drop animation” in the search form settings.
  12. New “Twenty thirteen” results theme.
  13. Save location when saving post as “Draft”.
  14. Translation file updated with missing text.
  15. Other bug fixes, Code improvement and clean up, improved queries, and CSS clean up/improvement.
  • Please use the support forum for Bug report, feedback and suggestions.
  • The premium add-ons had been updated as well. However, because of the many changes made in GEO my WP 2.2 the new versions of the add-on will work only with GEO my WP 2.2 and above.

Thank you

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