• First, An apology for the delayed release of the next update of GEO my WP.  While was working on it i got into many bugs, security issues and new features that i have been working on. Because of that  i have decided to delayed the release and have a new, fresh major update  ready by the new year. Moreover,  at the same time i am redoing this site and will try to have it all new also ready by new year.
  • – The premium version is not available for download right now since www.wpplugins.com is shutting down. It wont accept anymore payment and all subscriptions will be canceled. Once the new GEO my WP wibesite will be ready it will accept payments and the premium version will be available for download. For those who already purchased the premium version trough wpplugins.com, you subscription will be transfer to the new site.
  • – While working on the plugin i am also testing it on this site. This might cause some errors showing up while visitings or “down for maintenance” message.
  • – Some of the new features that will be avaliable in the next release of the premium version:
    1. Gravity Forms integration
    2. Buddypress Groups locator
    3. Buddypress Checkins
    4. Buddypress Xprofile & location integration 
    5. Ajax based map to have all location or filter results without refreshing the page. this feature will be extended over time to also dynamically display results.
    6. New widgets and shortcode.
    7. The code had been drastically improved for a better security and better performance.

Thank you for your patience, your support  and for your feedback.


  1. Hi Fitoussi – we’re very keen to buy the Pro version of the plugin, but WPPlugins is currently displaying a message that ‘Plugin purchasing is currently not available.’

    Is there anything you can do about this, or any way we can purchase the plugin from you directly? Many thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Wpplugins.com canceled their services last week. they wont allow anymore purchases to be done and they have canceled all subscriptions.
      You can get it directly from me if you’d like to but the next version is under heavy development and you might get into bugs.
      Still, you can contact me directly at info@geomywp.com

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