Please note that the plugin is under major update and the demo search pages might not work properly in the next few days.

Thank you


    1. I am not sure yet. i really want to say the 23rd as this is when i go out of the country. however, This is a major update which changes the way the plugin pulls and display the locations right now. I finally fonund a way to use Wp_query to do all the queries needed in order to get the locations. Till now the plugin uses wp_query and another custom SQL query. That makes things much easier to work with. Better performance , much cleaner code and from now the plugin will be using the wordpress loop to display results. Which will be much easier to manipulate and to make it look more as part of your site.
      So changing the most important code of the plugin I am also meed to change many related functions and other parts of the code.
      Together with that I am fixing/improving other bugs and features and adding new features to the premium version.

          1. 🙂 hopefully soon will have a beta. I am still out of the country and have not had Internet access very often. I will now back working on the update.
            I have already added so many new features: excluding term from taxonomies, complex custom fields ( can be used as key words search, dates ( start and end ) prices and so on), multiple fields for the address fields in the search form ( city, state, zipcode and so on, dropdown for any of the address fields ( can have the country field as dropdown and you can choose the values of the dropdown) and few other great features. Currently I am improving the backend – the search form page – and when I am done hopefully I will release a beta version. I do not like saying when it will be ready because most times it takes longer. Specially now when I added so many features I have on the todo list. I was not planning on having this update as a major update but i was excited and decided to keep going. This update is worth waiting. It shouldn’t take too long from now for the beta version to be ready.

    1. Hi Joey,
      I am not sure. I really want to get it ready before the 23rd. But this is not a promise. However, you can download the plugin from and use it for your project as all I am working on is the next update.

  1. Hi Eyal,

    How is it going? I’m really really close to the phase where I need to adapt geomywp for my needs. And I wouldn’t want to work with the current version knowing that you gonna release a reworked one, this means I will need to re-do the job.

    Are you able to give any time estimation of the release already? I’d be glad to try any pre-release/alpha/whatnot version as well.


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