Get and display the user’s current location in a sidebar. Users can enter their location manually or they can use the locator icon to automatically get their location using the browser (supported browsers only).


  1. Go to the “Widgets” page and drag & drop the “GMW Current Location” widget to the sidebar where you want to display it.
  2. Widget’s Title –  This will be the title for the widget. If you do not need a title you can leave that field empty.
  3. Display user’s name – Will display “Hello, guest” or “Hello” and the name of the logged in user just before his/her location.
  4. Display location by – Choose if to display the zipcode or the city and state as the user’s current location.
  5. Title – the title will be displayed before the user’s current location. For example, depend on what you chose in the “display location by” you can enter  “Your Zipcode” or “your city” as the title and the results will be “Your zipcode 33123 ” or “Your city Miami FL”.

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