WordPress Users Locator

Provides geolocation and mapping features for Wordpress users

WordPress Users Locator extension is a mapping and proximity search solution for WordPress users. With the extension, the users of your site will be able to easily add a location to their profile, and search and find other users based on location using GEO my WP proximity search forms

WordPress Users Locator Key Features

Add Location To WordPress Users

Using the advanced Location form of GEO my WP, the users of your site will be able to easily add a location to their profile. The location form provides a few ways for a user to add a location:

  • Pick an address from the suggested results generated by Google address autocomplete.
  • Use the locator button to retrieve the current location.
  • Pick the location on the map by dragging the marker to the desired location.
  • Enter address fields manually.
  • Enter a set of coordinates.

The location form makes it easy and as accurate as it can get when adding or updating a location. The form exists in the admin's user profile page, and you can add it to any page in the front-end using the shortcode [gmw_user_location_form]


Users Locator Proximity Search Form

WordPress Users Locator extension enables the Users Locator search form in GEO my WP forms builder. You will be able to create unlimited maps and a proximity search form that searches and find WordPress users based on address, radius, and other parameters.

Creating WordPress Users Locator form is a simple task when using the form builder, the same way as creating Posts Locator or Members Locator search forms.

The form builder comes with 5 tabs out of the box, each contains various options:

  • Page Load Results - setup the behaviour of the form first load.
  • Search Form - select the template file and set up the filters of the search form. Such as address field, Radius, units, locator button, and more.
  • Form Submission - setup a few actions that takes place on form submission.
  • Search Results - select the search results template file, and set up the items that will show in the list of results. Such as avatar, directions link, and results per page.
  • Results map - set the map height and width, map type, and zoom level.

You can create unlimited forms, and defined each differently. You can place the forms anywhere and on any page using a shortcode or a widget.


User Location Shortcode

With the User Location shortcode [gmw_user_location] you can display the location details of a specific user anywhere on a page. You can display a map, address, and get directions link. Using the shortcode attributes you can set the map height and widget, map type, and zoom level.

Single user location

Custom User / Author Location Page

Setup a custom page that will serve as the user's / author's page. Users will usually navigate to this page when clicking on a user in the list of results when searching for users using the Users Locator form.

This page displays the user's location the same way as the shortcode [gmw_user_location] does. This way users can see the location details of a specific user from the search results.

Using the admin's settings, you have few options to set the User Location page:

  • Select any of your pages.
  • Select the Home page.
  • Use WordPress' native Author template page.

Along with any of the options above, you can also pass some URL parameters when navigating to the user location page. You can pass the user ID, username, email, and nicename.

This option can be powerful, especially when using another plugin that uses its user profile page. Some membership plugins, for example, provide such a profile page. In this case, you can set the user location page to link to the profile page of the membership plugin, and pass the user ID as a URL parameter if needed.

This way you can set the Users Locator form to navigate to the profile page of the membership plugin when clicking on a user in the list of results.


Available Shortcodes

  • [gmw_user_location_form] - display the User Location form in the front-end.
  • [gmw_user_location] - display the location details of a specific user.
License Agreement
All license options are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, which during this time you will be eligible for support and updates. All prices are billed yearly until canceled.
For more information, visit our FAQ section or ask a pre-sales question.
Extension Details
Version 2.0
Developed by Eyal Fitoussi
Requires WordPress 5.6 or higher
Requires GEO my WP 4.0 or higher
WordPress 5.6 or higher
GEO my WP 4.0 or higher
  • 2.0 - 08/26/23
    • This is a major release that is compatible with GEO my WP v4.0. Please read this post before updating the extension on your site.
  • Version 1.5 - 01/30/21
    • Fix: Verify GEO my WP location form submission before tempting to update user\'s location during registration.
    • Tweak: add a \"display_name\" option to the user Permalink generator using the tag {disaplyname}.
    • Tweak: output the user\'s title in results using the function gmw_get_search_results_title().
    • Tweak: move the filters \'gmw_user_location_form_tabs\' and \'gmw_user_location_tab_fields\' from the GMW_User_Locator_Form class into the parent GMW_Location_form class.
    • Tweak: use include_once instead of include.
    • Tweak: load the class GMW_User_Locator_form() ( in file class-gmw-user-location-form.php ) by default so other extensions would be able to use it.
    • WPCS
  • Version 1.4.6 - 7/20/2020
    • Fix: image distorted in search results.
    • Tweak: try getting avatar using the function get_wp_user_avatar() when WP User Avatar plugin is activated.
    • Tweak: use the filter \'gmw_disable_query_clause_between\' to disable the coordinates BETWEEN filter in the search query.
    • Tweak: move the object_type filter of the search query from the WHERE to the JOIN clause.
    • Tweak: add GROUP BY user ID to the search query.
    • Filter: \'gmw_ul_registration_floating_location_form\' to allow disabling the floating location form in registration form.
    • Filter: ‘gmw_ul_get_user_avatar_args’ to modify the avatar arguments in the search results.
  • Version 1.4.5 - 3/23/2020
    • Tweak: Clear internal cache when user profile changes.
    • Tweak: initiate the location features in the admin\'s profile page via the \'init\' action.
    • Tweak: pass the $locatio object via the GMW_Single_User_Location::title() method.
  • Version 1.4.4 - 11/14/2019
    • Fix: load Marker Clusterer JS function in the footer when the Premium Settings extension does not exists.
    • Tweak: adjust Peepso integration code to work with Location type profile field type as well.
    • Filter: filter to allow modifying the user roles that can manage the location of other users.
  • Version 1.4.3 - 07/10/2019
    • New: \"GMW Location\" column in the \"Users\" page of the admin that shows the address of the user with an \"Edit\" link to allow admins to edit the location of other users.
    • New: “Your Location” section in the user’s profile page of the admin’s dashboard that shows the address of the user with a link to the “Edit Location” page.
    • New: Allow admins to edit the location of other users via the dashboard.
    • New: a function that allows updating the user\'s location via user meta fields.
    • New: a function that allows syncing a profile field of Peepso plugin with GEO my WP location, allowing users to update their location via the Peepso profile page.
    • Additional minor bugs fix and improvements.
  • Version 1.4.2 - 05/29/2019
    • Fix: verify that the class \'GMW_User_Location_Form\' loads only once to prevent PHP error.
    • Fix: force the \'uid\' URL parameter only if dynamically replacing the content of the page with the user\'s location shortcode.
    • Tweak: use include_once instead of include.
    • Filter: \'gmw_ul_get_user_permalink\' to modify the user\'s permalink.
    • Filter: \'gmw_ul_get_user_title_args\' to modify the user’s title.
    • Additional minor bugs fix and improvements.
  • Version 1.4.1 - 01/12/2019
    • Requires GEO my WP version 3.2 or higher.
    • Fix: Incorrect avatar loads in info-window.
    • Fix: Permalink in the info-window is incorrect.
    • Fix: avatar permalink in search results does not link to the correct page.
    • WPCS.
    • Minor bugs fix.
  • Version 1.4 - 10/25/2018
    • This version requires GEO my WP v3.2 or higher.
    • Fix: issue with the max_pages argument of the pagination.
    • Tweak: allow showing users without a location in the search query when searching without an address.
    • Tweak: modify the clauses structure to have more control of it when modification of the clauses are needed.
    • coding standards.
    • Various bugs fix, improvements, and new functions,
  • Version 1.3.2 - 8/4/2018
    • Compatible and required GEO my WP v3.1 using multiple maps providers.
    • Compatible with AJAX Forms premium extension.
    • Compatible with new geocoding system of GEO my WP.
    • Fix: Use include_once instead of include to prevent fatal errors.
    • Tweak: enqueue form scripts after form displayed.
    • Tweak: Trigger map resize when a hidden form is shown to make sure the map is displayed properly.
    • Tweak: Update usage of gmw_lf_geocoded_location_data action.
    • Enhancement: coding standards.
    • Enhancement: update stylesheet.
    • Enhancement: update code to support PHP 5.4+.
  • Version 1.3.1 - 5/1/2018
    • New: add location via WordPress registration form. Set it up via GEO my WP Settings page.
    • Fix: bring back Markers Clustered feature which was missing after the last major update ( 1.3 ).
    • Tweak: allow passing user ID to displayed user location using either user_id or uid URL parameter. Instead of uid only.
    • Filter: gmw_ul_displayed_user_location_url_param to modify the user ID URL parameter.
    • Fix: Typos.
    • Enhancement: coding standards.
  • Version 1.3 - 4/2/2018
    • This is a major update which is compatible with GEO my WP 3.0+. Please read this post ( http://geomywp.com/geo-my-wp-3-0-beta-7/ ) before updating your plugin.
  • Version 1.2 - 12/15/16
    • Fix: location not being saved when updating user\'s location in the front-end.
    • New: add Page Load Results tab to WP Users forms.
    • Remove class as function argument from gmaps and search form template files.
  • Version 1.1 - 11/26/14
    • This is a major update. Many bugs were fixed, functions were improved and new functions added as well as new features. Note that this version of the plugin will only work with GEo my WP version 2.5 and higher.
    • Author page improved.
    • Now compitable with Global Maps 2.0; Create Google maps displaying Wp Users.
  • Version 1.0 - 4/29/14
    • Initial Release