WordPress Users Locator

Version 1.2

Developed by Eyal Fitoussi

WP Users Geo-location add-on brings Geo-location features to WordPress users without the need of BuddyPress plugin. The users of your site will be able to add their location and to search and find other WP users based on location.
WP Users Geo-location uses the same database table as Member Locator add-on to save the users geo-location data. Which means that if install BuddyPress in the future and use the Member Locator add-on WP users that already have location will also have it in their BuddyPress profile.

WP Users Geo-location Key Features

  1. Geo-locate WordPress users without BuddyPress plugin
  2. Back-end profile location page for users to add/update their location
  3. Fron-end location form available via shortocde for users to add/update their location
  4. Create Location-based forms to search and find WP users
  5. Custom author template page to be used instead of the default author template page

WP Users Location form

Location form open

Location form open

WP Users Geo-location add-on comes with font-end and back-end location form to allow users add and update their location. In the back-end the add-on creates new “Your Location” sub-menu under the “Profile” menu where WP users will be able to updated their location.
For the front-end WP Users Geo-location add-on provide you with a short code that you can simply use in any of your pages in order to display the location form.

Users can add their location in deferent ways using the location form:

  • Google map – find a location by placing the marker on the map
  • Google Places address auto-complete – display suggested results for user to choose form while typing an address
  • Locator button – Get the current location of the user
  • Enter address manually
  • Enter coordinates manually

WP Users Search Form

WP Users Geo-location add-on adds a new button to the form builder that comes with GEO my WP. Using the form builder you can create an advanced location-based WP User form. Creating a WP Users form is the same way as creating Post Types or Members Locator search form. The features of the form as well similar at the most part to the features in the Post Types or Members Locator forms.

WP Users Form Features

  1. Search form template – Choose the template file that will be used for the search form.
  2. Address field
  3. Radius / distance value- default value or multiple values as drop-down select box.
  4. Units – Miles, Kilometers of both as drop-down select box.
  5. Locator Icon – Choose the locator icon that will be used in the search form.
  6. Locator auto-submit – Auto-submit the search form once location found by the locator button.
  7. Results page – display search results in the same page of the search form or in a different page.
  8. Author page – choose between the theme’ or the plugin’s author template page.
  9. Results template – choose the template file that will display the results.
  10. Display users – choose if to display list of users in results.
  11. Display map – display map within the results or using a short code. When using a short code you can display the map anywhere on the page.
  12. Avatar – display user’s avatar and set its size.
  13. Results per page – set default value or multiple values as drop-dwon select box.
  14. driving distance – display the driving distance from the address entered to each user in the results.
  15. Get directions link – display link that will open a new page with Google map showing the driving direction.
  16. Map Width – set the map width in pixels or percentage
  17. Map height – set the map height in pixels or percentage
  19. Zoom Level – set the zoom level between 1 to 18 or choose to auto-zoom all markers within the map
  20. Marker clustere – Group markers set within certain distance

WP Users Form Images

Custom Author template Page

Custom Author Template File

Custom Author Template File

WP Users Geo-location add-on comes with a custom author/user template page that can be used instead of the default author template page that come with the deferent themes. The cusomt author page will be displayed when linking to a certain user from the search results of GEO my WP.

The custom author template page was created for two main reasons:

  • The default author template page display only the posts created by the user
  • If the author has no posts the default author page will be either redirected to 404 page or will display nothing.

The author template page by default displays the user’s avatar, user’s location information: Map, address and get directions link and the posts of the user if exist. You can choose between the default or custom author template file when editing your search form via the form builder of GEO my WP.

Available Shortcodes

  1. [gmw_user_location_form] – display the user’s location form in the front-end.
  2. [gmw_user_info] – display address information of a user.
  3. [gmw_ug_get_user_location] – Display map and location information of a user.
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