Global Maps

Version 2.0

Developed by Eyal Fitoussi

Global Maps add-on lets you create maps that will automatically display your posts, post types, pages or BuddyPress members. Once the add-on installed and activated you will be able to create and display unlimited maps on a single page.

Global Maps Key Features

  1. Easily Create unlimited Posts Global Maps and Members Global Maps using the form builder.
  2. Create map displaying any or all of your post types
  3. Create maps displaying Buddypress members
  4. Display unlimited maps on a single page using shortcode or in the sidebar using a widget.
  5. Exclude posts from the map by Taxonomies
  6. Set a radius to display results within when the user’s current location is available.
  7. Display distance in Miles or Kilometer.
  8. Set the height, width and map type.
  9. Choose to auto zoom the map to fit all the marker within it or choose the zoom level if you want to to have a closer zoom on the marker that represent the user’s current location (when available).
  10. Front-end filter menu allow users to filter markers based on post types using checkboxes ( for Posts Global Map only )
  11. Choose map controls: zoom, pan, scale, map type, street view, overview and scroll-wheel
  12. Marker Clustere to groups near markers
  13. Choose between in-map info window or a pop-up HTML window that will display the marker’s information
  14. Ajax powered marker’s info window. Allows you to easily edit the content displayed in the info window by editing the php template file
  15. Display single or multiple post types on a map (post types add-on).
  16. Additional Settings being added when using the Premium Settings add-on

How does it work

On a page load the Global Maps add-on will first look for the user’s current location. If the location is available the add-on will search for posts or BuddyPress members ( depend on the type of map ) based on this location. When radius is set for the map only posts or members within that radius from the user’s current location will be displayed. Otherwise, if no user’s location available or no radius is set all posts or BuddyPress members will be displayed.

Creating a Map

To create a map is as simple as creating any other GEO my WP form. Once the plugin is activated new buttons “Posts Global Map” and “Members Global Map” will be added the the form builder page. Click on the the button of the map that you want to create, set-up the map and when done copy paste its short code to any of your posts or pages. That Simple!

Exclude Posts by Taxonomies

When creating a Posts Global Map you will have the option to exclude certain posts by taxonomies. All you will need to do is entered the taxonomy terms ID that you would like to exclude.

Post types Menu Filter

Using this feature users will be able to filter the markers on the map based on post types. When setting up the map you can choose which post types you want to include in the filters menu. The filters menu will be available in the bottom left site of the map with checkboxes for each of the post types that you choose. Using the checkboxes users will be able to filter the marker on the map.

Marker’s Info-Window Type

The plugin provide you with two ways to display the information of each marker on the map. You can do so using the native in-map info-window or using a pop-up HTML window.

Info-window Content

The information being displayed in the info-window is being served via ajax which makes is possible to easily edit its content. The content of the info-window is being displayed using PHP template files which you can easily modify. The plugin provides you with default template files for in-map and pop-up info-window. Using PHP editor you can easily modify the default template files or you can create your own. You can add or remove information from the info-window.


  • hi
    About the this “Please note, GEO Job Manager will not recognize jobs entered previous its installation. You will need to go over your already created jobs and re-save them in order to make them searchable.”……………………

    what you mean? do i need to get inside all the “jobs” and save again? do you know if it possible to do this by php my admin? because my site has more than 70k jobs.

  • GEO my WP says:

    Hi. Yes, unfortunately you will need to go inside each job and re-save it. In order to search by Geo-location each job must have coords in GEO Job Manager custom table in database. So when saving a job GEO Job Manager geocode the address entered and save the location information in database. WP Job Manager does geocoding as well. It was added in version 1.7 or so. However, it is saved in custom fields and not in the table needed for GEO Job Manager. So there are few options: 1) If your jobs already have Geo-location saved because they were entered after geocoding was added to WP Job Manager you will need to run a script that will copy the geo data of each post into GEO Job Manager table in database. 2) If jobs entered and have no geo-location you will need to run a script that will geocode each job’s location and save the data into Geo Job Manager table. 3) entered each location manually.

  • do you have an script or something to “re-save” by php my admin??

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