Use GEO my WP forms builder to create AJAX powered search forms. Using AJAX, forms are submitted and the results displayed dynamically, without reloading the page, and providing a smoother experience for your users.

Checkout the live demo to see how it works.


  • WordPress 4.3+.
  • GEO my WP 3.1+.
  • Posts Locator core extension to create Posts Locator AJAX forms.
  • Members Locator core extension to create Memebrs Locator AJAX forms.
  • Buddypress Groups Locator premium extension ( Required only if you’d like to create BuddyPress Groups Locator AJAX Forms ).
  • WordPress Users Locator premium extension ( required only if you’d like to create WordPress Users Locator AJAX forms ).


AJAX Form is also compatible with the premium extensions listed below:

AJAX Forms Key Features

Creating AJAX Forms is as simple as creating any other forms using GEO my WP forms builder. Create a new AJAX form, set up the different options, and enter the AJAX form shortcode anywhere on the page where you wish to display it.

Most of the form settings are the same as the settings provided in the “Normal” forms ( Posts Locator, Members Locator… ). In the screenshots below you can see the different tabs and settings of the AJAX forms.

Additional Key Features

Described below, other settings which are not provided in the “Normal” forms.

Order-by Filter

Set a default order-by value, or display an order-by drop-down menu in the search results to allow users to order the list of results.

You can set a default order-by value when the page first loads ( Page Load Results tab ), a default value when the form is first submitted ( Form Submission tag ), and generate an order-by drop-down menu to order the results after form submission.

The order-by options are:

  • Posts Locator – distance, post_title, post ID, date created, last modifed, and post type.
  • WordPress Users Locator – distance, user ID, display name, username, user nicename, user email, and user registered.
  • BuddyPress Members Locator – distance, active, newest, popular, online, and alphabetical.
  • BuddyPress Groups Locator – distance, active, newest, popular, and alphabetical.

Load More Button / Pagination

Choose between the standard numeric pagination or a load more button to load more results.

Marker Clusters

Use marker marker clusters to group markers that are on the same exact location or very close by on the map.

AJAX powered Info-window

The details of each location on the map is displayed using the information window ( info-window ). The info-window opens with a click on a map marker, and the data of the info-window generated via AJAX.

  • Choose between standard or popup info-window.
  • Choose between different info-window template files.
  • Choose the information taht displays in the info-windw. Elements like address fields, image, location meta, and more.